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Part # NN-NCL(30,200,10)

Price: $1,120

NanoCantilever specification
Technical Data Typical Range
NanoCantilever Material Ag2Ga NA
NanoCantilever Length (µm) 30 26-35
NanoCantilever Diameter (nm) 200 150 - 400
NanoCantilever Young's Modulus (Pa) 84×109 83 - 85 ×109
NanoCantilever Spring Constant (N/m) 1.7 ×10-3 0.5 - 18 ×10-3
NanoCantilever Frequency, 1st mode (Hz) 1.2 ×105 0.7 - 2.5 ×105
NanoCantilever Frequency, 2nd mode (Hz) 7.6 ×106 4 - 15 ×106
Coating None Per request, various coating (e.g. Au, Pt, W) can be provided.   

Substrate Specifications
Technical Data Typical Option
Substrate Material Tungsten Wire Per request, other substrate (e.g. silicon microchips) can be provided    
Substrate Dimension   15 mm (L) × 500 µm (D) Per request, other Tungsten wires (e.g. 250 µm, 100 µm) can be provided      
Number of NanoCantilevers 10 NanoCantilevers


NaugaNeedles NanoCantileverTM

NaugaNeedles is proud to introduce the first commercially available NanoCantileverTM  with spring constant as low as 10-5 N/m, high frequency bandwidth with resonance frequencies in the 0.02–10 MHz range, small suspended mass (femto-grams), and relatively high Q-factors (∼2–50) under ambient conditions [1]. The NanoCantileverTM is fabricated of Ag2Ga crystalline intermetallic compound [2] with excellent optical properties, mechanical flexibility and chemical stability in ambient condition. The NanoCantilevers can be produced in variety of lengths (5 to 100 µm long) and thicknesses (100 to 300 nm thick).

Due to the crystallinity of the metallic alloy of Ag2Ga, NanoCantilevers are extremely robust and do not plastically deform even when buckled beyond 50% of their original length [3].  Having excellent optical properties, NanoCantilevers can be seen under an optical microscope (Figure A) and their vibration spectra can be detected by standard instroments (e.g. using a MSA-500 Micro System Analyzer from Polytec Inc [1][4], or SIOS-interferometer & vibrometer from PiezoSystemJena Inc [5], or custom made noninterferometric optical setup [6]). Figure (C) Shows the vibration spectrum of a NanoCantilever (Shown in Figure B) using a Laser Doppler Vibrometer (LDV) form Polytec.
The Young's modulus of the material has been measured at 84GPa [1] making the utility of NanoCantilevers ideal for ultrasmall mass sensing and high frequency bandwidth pico-Newton force detection, [1, 6] .




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