Part # NN-USNP-W500(1,10)

Price: $620.00

NanoProbe specification
Technical Data Typical Range
NanoProbe material Ag2Ga NA
NanoProbe Length (µm) 1 0.5-3
Tip radius of curvature (nm) 50 20 -100
NanoProbe electrical resistivity (Ωm) 1.05×10-7 1 - 1.1 ×10-7
Electrical resistance (Ω) 30 15 - 45
Lateral deflection tolerance  (nm) 500 300-1000
Current tolerance (mA) 5 1 - 10

Substrate Specifications
Technical Data Typical Option
Substrate Material Tungsten Wire Per request, other substrate (e.g. Pt/Ir) can be provided  
Substrate Dimension   20 mm (L) × 500 µm (D) Per request, different wire length (e.g. 5 to 25 mm) can be provided
Number of NanoProbes 10 NanoProbes


NaugaNeedles' Ultra Sharp NanoProbe (USNP)

Advantages compare with standard tungsten probes:

A comparison between mechanical properties of the USSP and standard tungsten probes:

Due to crystallinity of their tip, the USNPs have excellent mechanical properties. SEM images shown below demonstrate the USNP's excellent mechanical properties. Figure 1a shows the SEM images of a USNP as it is pushed against a silicon surface. Despite standard tungsten probes that are plastically deformed (Figure 1b), the USSPs can be elastically deformed up to 50% of their length and return to the original shape without any plastic deformation.  

NaugaNeedles' ultra sharp NanoProbe (USNP)  Standard tungsten probes in the market

Figure 1. Comparison between mechanical properties of (a) an USSP and (b) a standard tungsten probes.