Part # USSTM-W500-Cr-10

Price: $640

NanoProbe Specification
Technical Data Typical Range
nanoneedle material Ag2Ga NA
Additional Coating (10 nm) Chromium 15 nm thick. Different coating can be done per customer request
nanoneedle length (µm) 1 0.5 - 3
Tip radius of curvature (nm) 25 20 - 50
nanoneedles electrical resistivity (Ωm) 1.05×10-7 1 - 1.1 ×10-7
Electrical resistance (Ω) 30 15 - 45

Substrate Specifications
Technical Data Typical Option
Substrate material Tungsten Wire Per request, other substrate (e.g. Pt/Ir) can be provided  
Substrate Dimension 20 mm (L) × 500 µm (D) Per request, different wire length (e.g. 5 to 25 mm) can be provided  
Number of NanoProbes 10 NanoProbes


Ultra Sharp STM Probe (USSTM)

NaugaNeedles is proud to announce that has developed a very unique nanofabrication technology to selectively grow individual metallic Silver/Gallium (Ag2Ga) nanoneedles at the end of standard tungsten probes. The Ag2Ga nanoneedles have superior electrical, mechanical and chemical stability that are suitable for scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) applications. Figure 1A shows SEM images of an ultra sharp STM (USSTM) probes. A 2 µm long and 60 nm  diameter Ag2Ga nanoneedles is grown on a standard tungsten probe, with a radius of curvature of ~ 13 nm at the tip. The nanoneedles is attached to the tungsten probe by a taper shape structure made of Ag2Ga alloy, that significantly enhances the mechanical stability of the nanoneedle. Figure 1B shows STM images of a Moiré superlattice on a highly ordered pyrolytic freshly cleaved graphite (HOPG). The imaging were performed with a Nanotec Electronica air STM under dry nitrogen conditions using a USSTM.

Advantages of USSTM probes:



Figure 1: Optical (top) and SEM images of NaugaNeedles' Ultra Sharp NanoProbes (USNP)