Part # NN-EEUSNP-W100(10,10)

Price: $1450.00

NanoProbe specification
Technical Data Typical Range
NanoProbe material Ag2Ga NA
NanoProbe Length (µm) 10 8-13
Tip radius of curvature (nm) 50 25 -100
NanoProbe electrical resistivity (Ωm) 1.05×10-7 1 - 1.1 ×10-7
Electrical resistance (Ω) 30 15 - 45
Lateral deflection tolerance  (nm) 500 300-1000
Current tolerance (mA) 5 1 - 10
Tip material Pt NA
Insulation material Parylene NA
Insulation coating thickness 200 nm 150 to 250 nm
Background current leakage <10 pA 0-10 pA
Diffusion-limited value on CV measurement 200 pA 150 to 300 pA

Substrate Specifications
Technical Data Typical Option
Substrate Material Tungsten Wire Per request, other substrate (e.g. Pt/Ir) can be provided  
Substrate Dimension   20 mm (L) × 100 µm (D) Per request, different wire length (e.g. 5 to 25 mm) can be provided
Number of NanoProbes 10 NanoProbes


Exposed End Ultra Sharp NeedleProbe (EEUSNP)

NaugaNeedles introduces a new exposed end nano-electrodes on their USNPTM probes. The basic structure of these probes is the tungsten probe with a high aspect ratio Nanoneedle. The entire probe is sealed with Parylene and exposed at the very end of the Nanoneedle and exchanged with platinum. To avoid any possible leakage a heat-shrink and epoxy is covering the trunk of the tungsten probe. These probes make it possible to perform transport measurement by a nano-electrode (the platinum tip) under liquid. They are easy to mount in different manipulator, probe station and STM.

a) Schematic of device, b) Finished product grabbed by tweeter, c) SEM image of the needle and exposed tip, d) Optical image of the tip, and e) CV curve of the tested device.