• NaugaNeedles


    Ultra sharp STM probe (USSTM)

    Made by growing a silver/gallium (Ag2Ga) nanoneedle, coaxially at the tip of tungsten wire.
  • NaugaNeedles


    Silver/gallium (Ag2Ga) nanoneedles

    Grown on an array of silicon micro-cones.
  • NaugaNeedles

    MEMS/NEMS applications

    Micro-fabrication Services

    design, customize and fabricate customer’s devices with significant cut in time and cost.

We are a high-tech company, which have developed a breakthrough nanofabrication technology to grow constant diameter, silver-gallium (Ag2Ga) nanoneedles, at any preferred location (e.g. SPM Probe tips) and orientation. We can fabricate Nanoneedles from 1 to 100 micrometers in length and 25 to 1000 nm in diameter.

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