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NaugaNeedles is a high-technology company, which has developed a breakthrough nanofabrication technology to grow constant diameter, silver-gallium (Ag2Ga) nanoneedles, at any preferred location (e.g. SPM Probe tips) and orientation. We can fabricate Nanoneedles from 1 to 100 micrometers in length and 25 to 1000 nm in diameter. Our goal is to advance the Needle-probe technology, develop mass production techniques and make NaugaNeedles the leading manufacturer of SPM probes in North-America. NaugaNeedles is a supplier of high performance, durable, low-cost and customized Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) probes, used as nano-force and nano-bio sensors in research and industrial applications.


In 2004, after years of research and experiments at the University of Louisville’s Electro Optics Research Institute and Nanotechnology Center (ERINC) a revolutionary and cost effective nanostructure fabrication method was discovered. Based on this original and breakthrough discovery, a variety of specialized SPM probes called Needle-Probes were invented. NeedleProbes are now utilized as ultra sensitive nano-sensors by researchers. Due to the unique properties and market need for special Needle-probes, the inventors of this technology founded NaugaNeedles, LLC on July 7th 2007.

Mission Statement

The mission of NaugaNeedles is to provide specialized nano-force sensors and nano-bio tools for university researchers and industrial research and development (R&D) groups. Utilizing this new technology, NaugaNeedles has lowered the cost of specialized SPM fabrication significantly; making it more affordable for researchers. This would enable researchers to perform advance research studies, resulting in a growing demand for NaugaNeedles products. NaugaNeedles' business model is designed to generate maximum profit without the need for large capital expenditures.

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11509 Commonwealth Drive, Suite #2, Louisville, Kentucky 40299

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